Normal Aspasia
How could you get this wrong? I will punish you, tsk tsk.


Type : NormalNormal
Rarity : S.Rare
Sidian No. : 408
Min/Max AK : 631 / 26,448
Min/Max HP : 524 / 14,352
Skill : Naughty to the Bone
Lv. 1
Sidian gains 280% additional ATK.
Lv. 2
Sidian gains 350% additional ATK.
Lv. 3
Sidian gains 420% additional ATK.
Lv. 4
Lv. 5
Trigger : 28%

Character Info

A temple maiden of Ancient Greek. She has taught numerous great scholars of her era, but she couldn't make a name for herself due to her status. She doesn't care much for a fame because she really loves teaching others. Maybe this is why she has so many followers?

Illust = Manle
Voice : Masayo Fujita

  • Summon Comment :
"There is no discrimination in education. There is only the informed and uninformed."
  • Victory Comment :
Shall we continue to study all night?
  • Lose Comment :
If you want to live in ignorance, I will not stop you.
  • Skill Comment :
How could you get this wrong? I will punish you, tsk tsk.

How to Acquire

  • Crystals Summon
    • December 12 2015
    • February 25 2017
    • November 4 2017

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