Light Basileios
My spear never rests!


Type : LightHoly
Rarity : Rare+
Sidian No. : 116
Min/Max AK : 626 / 15,655
Min/Max HP : 444 / 11,105
Skill : Literally Untitled
Lv. 1
Sidian gains 200% additional ATK against Darkness type enemies.
Lv. 2
Sidian gains 260% additional ATK against Darkness type enemies.
Lv. 3
Sidian gains 320% additional ATK against Darkness type enemies.
Lv. 4
Lv. 5
Trigger : 48%

Character Info

The emperor of the Byzantine empire. She's a born soldier of good nature who has no interest in dating guys or appearance. She appears as a emperor only when she fights with her master; spear skill in the crested armor. She spends more time in battles than in the palace, and she prefers doing so.

Illust = sila

How to Acquire

  • Forest
  • Altar Summon
  • <Season 15 Hidden Exceptional Boss> Randomly drop after defeating Irregulars or Exceptional bosses during "Lunar New Year Event"

Season Period: (2/15 00:00 ~ 2/28 23:59 UTC)

  • <Weekend Special Lesson> Obtain her as clear reward by completing Basileios Special Lesson: Grade 3: "Guardian of Byzantine".
Event Period: (2015/2/27 06:10 ~ 3/1 23:59 UTC)
  • Crystal Summon

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