*Archived - These Events are not in the game anymore* Edit

"Battle for Insignia!" has begun! Starting racking up Circle points to claim Insignia!

Battle for Insignia is a newly added event, the event is similar to the Camp/Circle Events.

To join the event, simply join any circle of any rank to participate with your circle.

Contribution Edit

To contribute, you get points for every battle, won or lost, and they go to the accumulated total of your circle. As always, you can't gain points on Sunday.

How Circle Points are determined:

  • Circle points earned will determine the League bracket of your Circle.
  • The points earned will determine the rank of your Circle within the League that your Circle is placed.

Circle League Bracket Edit

  • You can check your Circle's league bracket under [ Camp ] > [ Circle Ranking ] menu.
  • Each Circle gets positioned into A, B, or C League, depending on your Circle Points.
  • Circle Point Reward system will remain unchanged, separate from Circle League system.

Circle Emblems Edit

  • Circles can now pick an emblem to represent them!
  • Emblems can be selected in [ Camp ] > [ Manage ] > [ Setting ] > [ Change Emblem ] menu.
  • Emblems will be shown in My Info or when your info viewed by others.
  • Top/No. 1 Insignia Emblem for Rank A.
  • Top/No. 1 Insignia Emblem for Rank B.
  • Top/No. 1 Insignia Emblem for Rank C.

Rewards Edit

The reward are different from the Camp/Circle Event. For the Battle for Insignia, your circle will be rewarded a special and unique emblem instead. Only top 3 ranks of each League can claim the Insignia.

Insignia will be delivered after a few days the event has ended, and it can be used until the next "Battle for Insignia".

List of Battle for Insignia events Edit

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