• SilverAmaryllis

    As the title says, this is the chapters in the Gate/Explorations that I find to get the most circle points (CP) at different points in the story progression. The areas with more than one irregular with a certain type or the places with only 2 irregular types will give you a better chance at more CP. I also listed some places that only have one type of irregular for the day, yet still produce a decent amount of CP. The later the chapter, the more CP you'll get. These are just some places to try, some will get better results than others, so test out which works best for you! I will update this as the story is expanded. (o v o)ノ

    I know a lot of people might find this post useless, but if it can help one person then that's all I want. Feel free…

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  • Mymimicat

    i noticed that after you have defeated a sidian whether it be irregular, intruder, boss, or exceptional, the color of the animation is slightly different and it coordinates with the rarity of sidian you are about to get. here is a list of the colors (sorry i dont have pictures at the moment, it is very difficult to screen shot the moment before it reveals what sidian you get) [PLEASE NOTE: the color is usually around the sides and can be slightly faint so you have to look carefully]

    grey/no color - 1 or 2 stars 

    purple (most common) - 2 or 3 stars 

    light green - 4 or 5 stars (you get the exceptional, usually its a 4 stars but if the exceptionals season is 5 stars then it would be the 5 star)

    gold light - 5 stars (very rare, usually for if ther…

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  • Mymimicat

    these are simple steps to get the sidian at mileage events at 100 000 point rank! 

    since mileage is around 3-4 days once per month (usually at the last week unless it is themed such as the valentines mileage near valentines), we should spread the amount of points out for the 3 days. if you would like you can do it in less days, although it will cost more potions

    preparation:save all the mp and ap (green and purple bars) potions that you get from login bonus, exploration rewards, and lesson rewards. do not use them unless it is mileage or special lesson events. this way you will be able to collect more than enough for the event.

    during the event: since it is 3-4 days, each day get a minimum 33 000 points, one day with 34 000 points, best to ge…

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  • Tayloi

    first i get my maxed Valentines Medicia

    then Valentine Eos is a mileage and she is adorable as heck

    next Beethoven gets a valentines edition in the new special summon

    im in bliss

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  • Leiki


    January 7, 2017 by Leiki

    Not quite sure what I'm supposed to do here but.. hi?

    Add me on Sid if you want, I guess.. 


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  • Sasa132

    I really need to get this off my chest because this has been bothering me for a few months now.

         1. First, let's talk about Mileage Events.

    Nowadays, with the introduction of the newly revamped Company Team, players need to spend only 2x the amount of MP to easily hit 3 to 5 million damage on the Exceptionals. As a result, not many people would see Exceptionals in their feed until 2 to 3 days have past. Factors including the fastest fingers and a high speed internet connection also influence whether you will be able to attack the Exceptional. If this is the case, how would you get your cards from Exceptionals? Everyone knows that before the Mileage Event begins, your Exceptionals should be at a particular level already as this is the mos…

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  • Sasa132

    Some Tips and Tricks

    December 9, 2016 by Sasa132

    Here are some tips for people out there:

    1) Always make an attempt to login into the game even if you are not playing it for the day. 

    Reason: Daily logins and Continuous logins give you Potions, Gold and Runes (for making summoning stones).

    2) Always finish up the Monday, Thursday and Friday lessons whenever possible.

    Reason: Monday lessons give you an AP potion at the end. Thursdays give a MP potion and Fridays give 10000 gold.

    3) Always spend your AP and MP on the Saturday and Sunday lessons.

    Reason: You might get lucky and net yourself a SR J.J for fusion. The 2x exp you get only from these two lessons are helpful too.

    4) Always spend your remaining AP on production lessons.

    Reason: You get materials for making Summoning Stones and levelling up s…

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  • Floralie


    September 26, 2016 by Floralie

    I just came back from a hiatus. I was away from Sid Story for a couple months. I'm glad the game is doing so well, and I'm also glad that there are still people around who are editing and updating the wiki. I love this wiki; it teaches me so much and helps me to reach my goals! Thanks to this wiki, I was able to catch up on all the events and beautiful Sidians who I missed during my hiatus. I hope to be able to claim some of them (Field Day Einstein, Summer Chaerin, etc).

    Unfortunately, I am in school at the moment, so it consumes a large portion of my day. I am taking high-rigor classes too so the homework load is quite heavy. I will still try my best to play Sid Story whenever I have open time!

    Not much has happened since I've been away. I…

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  • Hikairi

    Top 5

    September 14, 2016 by Hikairi

    Last Updated: 2016 October 16

    Due to popular demand and increasing request of the most strongest sidians... I decided to compile a list of top 5 of the most strongest from the classify skill group available, which is, Attack, Recover (Heal) and Reduce.

    • This list is a little more personal rather than overall. You can share your opinion and discussion about whom is strongest in the comment section or if you'd like open a separate thread in forum, as everyone has different calculation and such based on given information. So a little warning, this is a blog instead of actual information/fact listed on the wiki.
    • Top overall sidian are usually useless, since you'll be using sidian with multiplier/power-ups more than sidian without multiplier/power up…

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  • Weaponxlogan

    • Best way of course would be to sell all your S.Rare (★★★★★) for 5x and Rare+ (★★★★) for 2x per card. But, if you are like me, I like to keep my cards as this is a collecting card game ;)
    • What you could do though, is to keep your S.Rare cards as they might come in handy every week for a ATK bonus and keep 1 copy of your Rare+ for collection purpose.
    • It is good to note that your 2x HP Sidians are worth 10x each! If you don't mind parting with them, you could always sell them when the bonus ends.

    • DON'T sell your ★, ★★ and ★★★ Sidians for Time-Space Powder as for the amount of Sidians needed you get only 1x. Instead, charge them at the Altar until you reach 300% and summon a S.Rare (★★★★★) card and THEN, sell that S.Rare for 5x!
      • Here's why : a Rare+ (★★★★) card will cost you 50 S…

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  • Yalise

    Tips for Beginners

    February 11, 2016 by Yalise

    Tips for beginners :

    1. Don't worry about skill up much. Rarity and bonus multiplier will help you more. Also, even when you choose a card to use skill up once (cost 1k gold and item made at Atelier), it might not be worth it to skill up twice (cost 10k gold and different item).
    2. Write your UID down somewhere, in case you lose your phone and reinstall the game. (But if you do, their customer support could help you too.)
    3. If you can't defeat Exceptionals by yourself, try to get stronger (5*, 3x, element) cards.


    1. Events are a good time to get stronger or special event cards; don't worry if you just missed it, Sid Story has something going on every week or two that will give you a boost (e.g. Mileage, Special Event Lessons, Login Calendar)... check…
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  • IntoxicaVampire

    Sidian Sprites

    February 8, 2016 by IntoxicaVampire

    Hello fellow Students!

    As you can see from my page, I have some pretty nice sprites of my favorite Sidians :)

    If you want some in particular, I can take requests when I have time! ^_^

    Just comment under here asking which Sidian you would like to have the sprite of, and which form. As soon as I have some free time, I will upload them in the New Images and then send you the link here under your comment.

    See ya! ^_^

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  • Kagurazaka

    Referral Codes

    January 13, 2016 by Kagurazaka

    Referral Codes for a few cards I got near the end of the year, not sure if/when they'll be avalible again so.. (let me know if the codes don't work)

    REMEMBER: You can only use ONE referral code. After that, the option button will disappear, so choose wisely.

    Updated: 1/16/16 

    Added card titles (i.e: (card name) (card type) (card title: event/exceptional/mileage event/etc))

    Christmas Morgan - S. RARE - Christmas Gatcha event


    Christmas Houdini - S. RARE - Christmas Gatcha event


    Enoch - RARE+ - Season 35 Exceptional


    Asmodeus - RARE+ - Season 34 Exceptional


    School Elizabeth - RARE+ - Season 34 Exceptional


    Casper - RARE+ - Season 37 Exc…

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  • MrtrsV

    My Starter Guide !

    December 19, 2015 by MrtrsV

    [! Link de la guia en español

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  • Hiyuki

    Referral Codes

    December 18, 2015 by Hiyuki

    I decided to make a big long list of referral codes since it's going to be removed at January due to the patch (V 1.9.0).

    If the card isn't here, then I don't have it and I won't be bothered to add the card in this list that I don't curently own.

    There will be different list, so use Ctrl + F to find what you want.

    (PS: If you're looking for School Moriarty, she's under Confession Tree section.

    Also, I'll be adding new cards in time after time till V1.9.0 is in the game.)

    School Cards (Sch_C)

    Holiday Cards (Holi_C)

    Confession Tree Cards (Tree_C)

    Elements(Other Cards) :

    • Non-Element Cards (Non_C)
    • Frozen Cards (Fro_C)
    • Flame Cards (Fla_C)
    • Thunder Cards (Thu_C)
    • Holy Cards (Holy_C)
    • Dark Cards (Dar_C)

    School Cards (Sch_C) :

    Name: Referal Code:

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  • MrtrsV

    To everyone that are begining or you're already playing Sid Story and dindt know about referral codes, well i have some answers and some codes The Referral code give you all 1 card at your choice (you have to choice wich one and put the code), this is for helping you increase your collection or help you with leveling and fighting more easy

    As someone said, i recomended you use S.R instead of Rare+, due to:

    S.Rare needs / 4 more to reach mx lvl (fusion 4/4 = lvl 100 ), while,

    Rare+ needs / 8 more to reach mx lvl ( fusion 8/8= lvl 90 )

    but you're all free to choice at your own will, feel free to use which one you like more.

    The big diference is the cuantity of luck and skill to pull some cards that will help you to lvl up your card. In case of ch…

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  • Esdith

    Sid Story Referral Codes

    December 16, 2015 by Esdith

    These are referral codes that can be used inside Sid Story to summon any type of Sidian you desire. You should consider that it's better to choose Sidians' that are harder to acquire or can no longer be obtained, then again, it's your choice. If a code does not work, tell me please. :D

    Sidian Type Skill Info Probability Referral Code
    Asmodeus Flame

    Devil's Allure (Lv 1): 210% additional attack

    40% 6MqE/M05H4F+MYnD7WzJcA==
    School Elizabeth Holy Queen's New Style(Lv 1): Recover 220% HP 35% wLiy8naco92IoD+UimGh+g==
    Xiao Qiao Flame Little Sister's Ambush(Lv 1): 100% additional attack 12.78% kI43cRxnYhqZJ6qFz0VZWg==
    Beatrice Dark Pure Love(Lv 1): Recover 100% HP 25% /eVgBVLsuDWDF6pZ4eZp6g==
    Hadesia Dark The King of the Netherworld(Lv 1): Recover 120% HP…

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  • Abe20p

    Circle Recruitment!!

    December 4, 2015 by Abe20p

    Hello Everyone,

    I recently started playing Sid Story and am definitely enjoying it. : ) Now I would like this blog to be a hub for those wanting to join or find a Circle and make it easier for Circle's looking to add new members in game. In order to make friends and collect the awesome cards the game offers. These are the following catagories. *Rank based on the current or final day of the most recent Event* 

    TOP 50 Circle : 

    Circle Name / Requirement / Available # of Spots

    TOP 100  Circle :

    Circle Name / Requirement / Available # of Spots 

    Specific Element Circle :

    Circle Name / Element i.e. All Light, Darkness, Fire etc... / Available # of Spots

    Anime fans Circle :

    Circle Name / Any Requirement if needed / Available # of Spots

    Country Specific : 


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  • Hikairi

    Guide to Getting S.Rare

    November 29, 2015 by Hikairi

    Welcome to my blog on how to get S.Rare! (=w=)

    Sid Story will be performing a server maintenance for a new update (v1.8.0) on 12/17 (Thurs). With the launch of v1.8.0, referral code system gets a rare reset for EVERY PLAYER! This means that you will be able to enter a referral code successfully even if you have already done so once. 

    However, after v1.9.0, the entire referral system and coupon system will be removed from the game due to Apple operation policy. (v1.9.0 is expected to be released in January of 2016)

    After the game updates to v1.9.0, this blog will no longer be available as a guide to referral codes. Instead, this will now be used as a guide to new players that wants to get S.Rare cards. I will continue to do my best to update t…

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  • KATomic

    Reference codes

    November 21, 2015 by KATomic

    ''Just to make it clear, all cards featured below are at maxed fusion and level~♥''

    Regular S. Rare's/ FOC event S.Rares






    {No image} TqW3KO/icNmOk2b58eUzbA==

    S. Rare Rusalka

    Special Addition S.Rare's/ Mileage event S.Rare's



    {No image} Ywoju383UnRIMhATdvv8jg==

    S. Rare Summer Valkyrie


    {No image} IYthYZYbz6CAwkz8NPg2cw==

    S. Rare Halloween Lupin



    Rare+ Cards








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  • Hiyuki

    Happy♪Tanuki Family

    November 21, 2015 by Hiyuki

    The current internal affairs in Happy♪Tanuki :

    Circle Family's Daily Life Activity : (Update at 12/26/2015)

    • Raii : Tanuki Family's "Sister", a CatGirl, Master ownership under Hiyuki, extremely high affection towards Xinhkute. Ultimately, loves cats and hugs. Sibling relation with L, no one knows if their relation will actually be solid. Usually Bored or Lonely.
    • Memeesi : Tanuki Family's Cat, Loves to be stroked, have high affection by all family members.
    • Griis : Tanuki Family's "Sister", Xinhkute believes she is Tsundere, calls Xinhkute as Boss.
    • Hiyuki : Tanuki Family's "Dad", Kuudere Personality. Too chatty, time to time spend too many notifications to members. Whenever Hiyuki starts a topic, most Tanuki Family's members are used to it and hal…
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  • Seireden


    November 10, 2015 by Seireden

    This probably has been suggested before but, woudln't  make sence to Add a Trivia part at the bottom of every servant as for who are they bassed off?

    Well this might be unnecessary but it was just a sugestion.

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  • Fuguruma Rin

    Hello! New Here!

    November 1, 2015 by Fuguruma Rin

    I just wanted to see how this worked.

    So, a little about myself.

    My name is Fuguruma Rin, but you can call me Rin. I've been playing Sid Story for almost a year now, and I also play Valkyrie Crusade and Age of Ishtaria. I used to play Ayakashi Ghost Guild, however that game closed last April. But I'm following a page that is run by many people who worked on Ayakashi, andthey said that a proclaimed Ayakashi Ghost Guild 2 would be coming out soon. The original release was scheduled for this October, actually, but they had to push the release back. Anyway, my name in Sid Story is YuaKokoro, so befriend me if you so wish!

    I have a younger sister, and a cat. Her name is Kixi and she's got one eye! (The cat, not my sister)

    I like Anime, and I'm curr…

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  • DawnDove

    I noticed you can get the ingredients from certain sidian battles, at least for me. I will note them down as I keep fighting the sidians since I am searching for the glasses anyways. I mostly know about the ingredients for sr. If you guys want me to I can post the rare card ingredients.

    Remember: they have random drop, so don't expect them to get them at the first try.

    SR ingredient: Perfume Bottle of Seduction

    1. Fighting Sidian: Cai Lun  Found in Gate Exploration [the TS Engine]. 
    You can also get the rare ingredient: Burning Flower

    SR Ingredient: Cute Ribbon

    1. Fighting Sidian: Dvorak  Found in Lesson Real Magic (601-605).
    You can also get the rare ingredient: no idea
    2. Fighting Sidian: Emma Goldman  Found in Gate Exploration [the New Frontier]…

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  • Milk and Coffee

    Most Wanted Sidians

    October 18, 2015 by Milk and Coffee

    I made this list as of October 18, 2015. This is for personal use, but if anyone is here reading this, I made this as more of a checklist for myself. c:

    Picture Name Rarity Acquisition Status
    School Moriarty
    N/A Edison Not Aquired

    N/A Lady Cthul Not Acquired
    Maxwell Not Acquired
    Nostradamus Not Acquired
    Yu Ji Not Acquired
    Da Vinci Not Acquired
    Francia Not Acquired
    N/A Karen Not Acquired
    Grace Not Acquired
    Genghis Khan Not Acquired
    N/A Theseus Not Acquired Read more >
  • DR Neis

    Referral Codes

    October 9, 2015 by DR Neis

    I will post here my referral codes, I will try to keep it up to date, I promise !

    S. Rares
    Needed for a badge
    Needed for a badge
    Needed for a badge
    Needed for a badge
    Halloween Event 2015
    Halloween Event 2015
    Miesiac Mileage Event
    Available during forest events
    Summer event
    Summer event
    Christmas event
    Christmas event
    Special summon event
    Christmas event
    New year event
    Needed for a badge
    Christmas e…

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  • Sentinential

    Referral Codes

    October 8, 2015 by Sentinential

    If you need card to max fusion or simply find the card you want to have/add to your card library then look into my referral codes list and maybe you can find the thing you want :) Have a good day :)

    Ooh... and i will keep this up to date at my best :)

    • You can get this Rare+ Ares card with referral code: IUvyLxLBZqPzCpNO0qLjGA==
    • You can get this Rare+ Pasteur card with referral code: T9N/F5HhHl9pWTiIw+W5PA==
    • You can get this Rare+ Johannes card with referral code: BWAyYoel55jUHwZq1DG6pw==
    • You can get this Rare+ Kant card with referral code: 1vSfI49XnkwDu1ljoSgVGQ==
    • You can get this Rare+ Machiavelli card with referral code: syBXfEXCRDe0EQGpclio3Q==
    • You can get this Rare+ Sancho card with referral code: ITE5g0jdOnSPGnKZTc1GgA==
    • You can get this Rare+ Nost…

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  • Milk and Coffee

    Random Referral Codes

    September 22, 2015 by Milk and Coffee

    This is my personal collection of  referral codes and a few from around the wiki. I know that there's a few blogs on the wiki dedicated to referral codes so make sure to check those out too! :D

    • Kingmyl's Referral Codes
    • DR Neis's Referral Codes
    • Sentinential's Referral Codes

    Located under "Settings", there is an option to enter a referral code. Select whichever code you want. (NOTE: You can only use ONE code per account! So pick which one you like best!) After picking your code, enter it EXACTLY how it is shown, even the == in the end. If you enter it correctly, you should see the card you selected. Happy gaming! :D

    Bismarck Referral Code: /GzTSmuCdZVDDEWJQj5ehA==
    Cooke Referral Code: ljLBXOcQj6e5aEqUHsPb2A==
    Darius Referral Code: O0H+p60…

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  • Milk and Coffee

    This list was made for self use. Anyone is welcomed to use this as they please.

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  • Kingmyl

    Referral Codes

    August 9, 2015 by Kingmyl

    I'll post referral codes for the cards I have in this post, to avoid clogging the pages.

    You can sort by album number, type, name or rarity, if you want.

    I wouldn't really recommend using the Rare+ codes (4 stars), but you're free to do so.

    Referral Code

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  • Mataichi

    Wiki Fantasy Food?

    July 19, 2015 by Mataichi

    Okay I clicked on the little orange box at the bottom of my screen for the Wiki Fantasy Food Contest. Has anyone else seen the add? I guess the winning foods will be made into real food and sold on the Wiki food truck? Sounds like a 4chan trap set by the FBI, but all joke aside it does sound pretty interesting. I nominated smurfberry muffins/cupcakes as a possible choice. Real smurfberry muffins sound delicious... and a bit ludacris. check out the page you can make your own nominations for fantasy food! *checks out window for 4chan van* o_0;

    [Fantasy Food Contest]

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  • Mataichi

    Special Jokers!

    July 16, 2015 by Mataichi

    So beyond the family of EXP Jokers (S,M.L), is an extended family of R+ 4 star jokers. There is one for each element holy, darkness, frozen, flame, thunder, and no element 4 star R+ cards. I've aquired my jokers from the summon alter so I'm not sure if they can be summoned by crystal or ticket summons. At first I thought that the alter only summoned jokers because I summoned 3 in a row from 3 different stones with the alter charged at 300%. My flame summon gave me a hot joker, darkness summon got me a wily joker, and no element summon gave me a halfway joker. Then my friend Fumi (circle mate from Fairy Tail!) pulled a pure joker from a holiness stone. Soon after some other members in our circle started asking about special jokers and we al…

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  • Syntasia

    Greetings and Meetings

    June 17, 2015 by Syntasia

    Good day whomever finds this blog. Basically, I've really gotten into the game lately so I might see what I can do to contribute to this place.

    Feel free to add me, Syntasia.

    UID 268 516 065

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  • Helio Ribbon

    Lack of Cards

    April 6, 2015 by Helio Ribbon

    I just realized how many cards were missing...

    I want to create a page for Lincoln, but I never got a picture of her first form, She's currently in her second form.

    And there are many cards I want to see, but since the pages for them don't exist, I can't see what they look like.

    I just made a page for the SR card Cixi Taihou.

    I'll attempt to make some pages for other cards...But I can't make them all professional-looking.



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