Description Edit

A Camp (circle, guild, clan) is a small group of up to 30 players.

You can either create one or join an existing one by getting an invitation or requesting to join the Circle. The main function of the Camp is to compete with others in a weekly ranking to get nice crystal prizes and sometimes even more at Circle Ranking Events.

It also can be a nice community to chat with everyone through the in-game bulletin board. You find this by going to Camp and at the bottom, the tab called Circle Board. Once there you can write your message for the rest of the camp to view. The post is composed of a title, which can use up to 20 characters, and the message can use up to 400 characters. Joining a circle, participating in weekly rankings and the rewards are all free, so is recommended to join a circle if you can.

  • Message board for circles, chat with them.
  • Current total points and contribution %
  • Reward list and current circle grade
  • Circle ranking, doesn't update in real time.

How to Create a Camp Edit

Step 1: On the Home screen go to Atelier (production)

Step 2: Create an item called Token of Circle. This item costs 5 Purple Pieces and 5 Arms of Lussid to make. Naturally you can make this item early by using some crystals (premium currency)

Step 3: Go to the Camp menu and proceed to create your circle

Camp Management Edit

On the Camp screen press on the Manage button in the top right, it looks like a gear. As Leader you will see 3 sub-menus: Member, Apply, and Circle. This screen also has a Settings menu inside of it, this option allows you to change your Camp name, or emblem, if you so wish to do so. As Member you only have 2 sub-menus: Member and Apply.

  • Members
  • Manage Officers
  • History
  • Leave

  • Write Introduction
  • Circle Invitation
  • Manage Applicants

  • Change Name
  • Change Emblem
  • Configure Minimum Point
  • Terminate

Old versionEdit

  • Circle Invitation: You can manually send invites to other players to join your circle. You can also search by the UID number if you are looking for a specific player.
  • Members: The default screen is "requests to join". If you want your active member list, there is a members option in the top right of this screen, press there. Now, from this screen, you can manage your camp roster. This will give you the ability to Expel (kick player) from your camp.
  • Terminate: This option allows you to disband your camp. It is only functional when you have removed all the current roster with the exception of the Chairman (leader).
  • Leave: This option allows you to leave your camp.

How to Earn Circle Points Edit

You earn point for every battle won or lost, though won battles give you more points. Earned points will go to your personal total, which is displayed after every battle, and that total will be added to your Circle Points, and at Sundays rewards will be given based of the final points count. Circle ranking updates daily, so your circle's actual ranking might be higher or lower than the one that appears there. The only one that counts is the final.

  • You can get circle points only from Monday to Saturday, not on Sunday.
  • You earn 600 points for visiting the camp menu, once per day.
  • Irregulars give (4 + (2 * Level)) Circle Points.
  • Irregulars from Weekend Specials only give half Circle Points.
  • Irregulars, exceptionals and invader with the Element of the Day give double Circle Points, see Double Points down below.
  • Exceptionals only give their Level as Circle Points.
  • Invaders give (4 + (2 * Level)) Circle Points.
  • Encounters give Circle Points for Damage in percentage to their max Health.

Element of the DayEdit

You can double the point by defeating the corresponding elements on each day:

Ranking rewards Edit

At Sundays, depending on the points earned, your Circle will be classified within a grade, and the rewards given will be, except on Circle Ranking Events, following this criteria:

Grade Condition Reward
A 1000000 and above Crystal icon2000-3000
B 500000-999999 Crystal icon1000-2000
C 250000-499999 Crystal icon500-1000
D 100000-249999 Crystal icon100-500
E 10000-99999 Crystal icon50-100

Bonus Rewards Edit

Since version 2.4.5, you can get extra rewards based on the points that you make throughout the week. You can receive 1 bonus bag for filling the required gauge. Maximum of 20 can be acquired. Rewards are at random in the table below.

Crystal icon Crystal 40 ~ 50
Gold icon Gold 4,000 ~ 5,000
Summon Ticket icon Ticket 1 ~ 2
Special AP Potion icon Special AP Potion x1
Special MP Potion icon Special MP Potion x1
Flask AP Potion icon Flask of AP Potion x3
Flask MP Potion icon Flask of MP Potion x3
Magic Paper icon Magic Paper 1 ~ 2
Gold Bomb W.bomb 1 ~ 2

Circle Raid Edit

With the introduction of the version 2.5.0, Circle Raid is added under the Camp menu. You can now Summon a Raid Boss.

  • Entropy Crystals are needed to summon a Raid Boss.
  • Raid Bosses available for summon can be checked via Raid Boss List. One random Raid Boss will be summoned.
  • Daily Buff Sidians and Dominant Sidians are Sidians that will receive attack multipliers during the battle with the Raid Boss.
  • Defeating the Raid Boss will drop items used to craft skill Lv4. and Lv.5 upgrade materials, and a low chance of obtaining the Boss card.
  • Defeating higher level Raid Bosses will drop better rewards.
  • Raid Bosses can be summoned even if you are not affiliated in a Circle.

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