Exceptionals are Boss-Type Sidians with a set of unique mechanics. There is a set of two, sometimes three Exceptionals that can be acquired, which are distributed into seasons. Each season lasts for about two week.



There are always at least two types of Exceptionals. The first one can be found by doing any class in the School. The other one has a chance of appearing in your News Feed for doing explorations in the Gate. Once you encountered an Exceptional, they will permanently stay in your News Feed until attacked (even after the season has ended). They cannot be deleted or fleed from. Once the Player attacks it, there is a 30 minute time limit to finish the fight. If the Exceptional isn't being killed before that limit ends, no rewards will be paid. You can only have one Exceptional of the same Sidian in your feed at the time, but you can have different types of Exceptional within the same season, or the same types of exceptional of different seasons in your feed (thus keeping Exceptionals of previous seasons in your news feed).


Once an Exceptional is being attacked and the timer starts, the fight will be shared with all your friends. This means that all friends can attack your Exceptional. You can have Exceptional fights of your friends and your own Exceptionals in your News Feed at the same time. Friend's Exceptionals are highlighted by a slightly reddish frame and you can quickly check if you joined the fight by looking for a small sword icon left to the MP display. There is no limit as to how many times a player can join the fight.


Each Exceptional starts at level 1 and will increase with each successfull kill. The level is bound to the Sidian. So the same rules as to encounters apply: Exceptionals of the same season but different types will have different levels, as well as Exceptionals of the same type and different seasons. There is no (known) hard limit to how high an Exceptional can be leveled, but you can "reset" the level of a Sidian to level 70 by paying a fee of 400 Crystals. This reset goes in both directions - you can level it up or down.


Rewards will be able to be collected once the fight is won. All players that participated in the fight will receive their own reward and number of times the Exceptional has been attacked (by a single player or total) or how much damage had been contributed do not have any effect on the payout. That means that a player attacking it once for the lowest possible damage will will have the same possible rewards as someone that attacks the same Exceptional for multiple types with very high damage. The level of the Exceptional also has no effect on the rewards. Keep in mind thought that rewards will only be paid if the fight is won. If you fail to kill the Exceptional within it's time limit, none of the participants will get any rewards.

On top of the normal Rewards of any Rare Sidian, there is a small chance to get the Exceptional itself as a drop. There is also the chance of an additional Item drop, based on the Exceptional type being fought. School Exceptionals have a chance of dropping Torn Pages, while Gate Exceptionals can drop Shining Crystal or Shining Powder.

Hidden ExceptionalsEdit

Sometimes there is a third, "hidden" Exceptional. Unlike the other two types, these cannot be encountered directly (and thus can't be shared either). After each successfull fight (be it an Exceptional or a simple Irregular), there is a small chance for them being dropped. Due to the nature of the hidden Exceptional, they can't be shared with friends and can't be saved for after a season, as they can only be dropped during the season.


List of SeasonsEdit

==List of Exceptionals

Real Magic
Season 1Valkyrie iconValkyrie
Season 1Metis iconMetis
Season 2Fenrir iconFenrir
Season 3Shi Huang iconShi Huang
Season 3Gyeback iconGyeback
Season 3HiddenDa Vinci iconDa Vinci
Season 4Xerxes iconXerxes
Season 4Amadeus iconAmadeus
Season 5Javert iconJavert
Season 5HiddenHoudini iconHoudini
Season 6Helena iconHelena
Season 6HiddenNero iconNero
Season 7Venus iconVenus
Season 7Capris iconCapris
Season 7HiddenChristie iconChristie
Season 8Lestat iconLestat
Season 8Margaretha iconMargaretha
Season 8HiddenHippocrates iconHippocrates
Season 9Nostradamus iconNostradamus
Season 9Hanibal iconHanibal
Season 9HiddenErasmus iconErasmus
Season 10Mencius iconMencius
Season 10Confucius iconConfucius
Season 10HiddenHadesia iconHadesia
Season 11Lee iconLee
Season 11Grant iconGrant
Season 11HiddenLoki iconLoki
Season 12Lu Zhi iconLu Zhi
Season 12Vasco iconVasco
Season 13Han Xin iconHan Xin
Season 13HiddenLiu Bang iconLiu Bang
Season 14Ivan iconIvan
Season 14Constantine iconConstantine
Season 14HiddenKant iconKant
Season 15Pasteur iconPasteur
Season 15HiddenBasileios iconBasileios
Season 15Friedrina iconFriedrina
Season 16Cicero iconCicero
Season 16HiddenApollena iconApollena
Season 17Sima Qian iconSima Qian
Season 17Bluetooth iconBluetooth
Season 17HiddenFaust iconFaust
Season 18ClassAugustus iconAugustus
Season 18ExplorationColombus iconColombus
Season 19Beatrice iconBeatrice
Season 19Schumann iconSchumann
Season 19HiddenJeanne iconJeanne
Season 20Caesar iconCaesar
Season 20Poirot iconPoirot
Season 20HiddenSun Tzu iconSun Tzu
Season 21Pocahotas iconPocahontas
Season 21Captain Morgan iconCaptain Morgan
Season 22ClassSchool Nicolini iconSchool Nicolini
Season 22ExplorationQuetzalcoatl iconQuetzalcoatl
Season 23Summer Ramesses iconSummer Ramesses
Season 23School Valkyrie iconSchool Valkyrie
Season 24School Fenrir iconSchool Fenrir
Season 24Weaver Girl iconWeaver Girl
Season 25School Selene iconSchool Selene
Season 25Blue Beard iconBlue Beard
Season 26Perceus iconPerceus
Season 26School Chu-ke Liang iconSchool Zhuge Liang
Season 27School Oyuki iconSchool Oyuki
Season 27Zeus iconZeus
Season 28School Christie iconSchool Christie
Season 28Chauser iconChauser
Season 29Evita iconEvita
Season 29School Jormungand iconSchool Jormungand
Season 30School Pocahontas iconSchool Pocahontas
Season 30Harriet iconHarriet
Season 31ClassExie iconExie
Season 31ExplorationCalie iconCalie
Season 32ClassGaruda iconGaruda
Season 32ExplorationCernunnos iconCernunnos
Season 33ClassBacon IconBacon
Season 33ExplorationClare iconClare
Season 34ClassSchool Elizabeth iconSchool Elizabeth
Season 34ExplorationAsmodeusAsmodeus
Season 35ClassEnoch iconEnoch
Season 35ExplorationSandalphon iconSandalphon
Season 36ClassSuriyothai IconSuriyothai
Season 36ExplorationManat IconManat
Season 37ClassMastema iconMastema
Season 37ExplorationCasper iconCasper
Season 38ClassFekulen iconFekulen
Season 38ExplorationHume iconHume
Season 39ClassYe Xian iconYe Xian
Season 39ExplorationIbsen iconIbsen
Season 40ClassPyungkang iconPyungkang
Season 40ExplorationOndal iconOndal