These racoons have mastered their magic skills. So, these Special Sidians can be used to increase the Fusion level of a certainly sidian.

The requirements are that each Fusion lesser can be fused ONLY with a sidian that has the SAME RARITY as the fusion lesser will be used, no matter the element of the sidian, being:

  • Fusion Lesser Danny: Fused only with a RARE Sidian.
  • Fusion Lesser Blin: Fused only with a RARE+ Sidian.
  • Fusion Lesser J.J: Fused only with a S. RARE Sidian.

When fusing, the fusion level of the sidian will increase in 1, and will give few experience. If the maximum fusion level has been reached, the fusion won't do any effect but give the few experience, this if the maximum level of the sidian hasn't been reached.

The common place to find them is through the Altar of Time , or as rewards in some Events.

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