Chapter 21
Do androids dream of electric sheep?
Appearing Character: Bonito icon Moriarty icon
Is this the place Moriarty wanted to visit?
Hello! Bonito icon
You Hello there, little lady, What is this place?
It is a colony. I am a domestic android, Bonito.
Pleased to meet you.
Bonito icon
You Yeah... Nice to meet you too...
Are you wizards by any chance? Bonito icon
You Excuse me?
My face flushed red. I couldn't hide the embarrassment on my face, although Moriarty stood with a blank look on her face. Why do I keep getting into these situations? The whole time, Bonito looked me with this high expectation. It reminded me of a little kid meeting Santa Claus, and asking for their present.
I believe you two are wizards, correct? I watched you two appeared from thin air. Bonito icon
You Well, I guess you could be right on that...
Very well then. Please grand my wish Bonito icon
You Wish?
I read, from fairy tale books, wizards can grant wishes. Bonito icon
You Well, we aren't the same kind of-
At the moment, Moriarty asked, What is your wish? She looks at Bonito, as if she was a wizard from Bonito's fairy tale books. Moriarty, you cam here for this? Unlike a machine, that android girl speaks with limpid eyes. "I want to be able to dream, like my little brothers and sisters."
According to Bonito, she was created to serve the family who adopted her. But, there was a war within the colony, which killed and injured many people and androids like Bonito. In the wake of the tragedy, she was sent to an orphanage, to care for war orphans.
Bonito took in and cared for war orphans. Being an android, she was able to take care of the little ones without having to sleep. However, because of the same reason, she can't truly be sympathetic to them and relate to them. She wants to become a true parents to the kids. Can't she just become a human? It would solve her problem. Moriarty replies with her emotionless tone. "You make it sounds as if making Bonito into a human is an easy task"
Bonito replied with a faint smile. "It is quite alright. I understand I need to remain as an android. As a human, I will not be able to protect the children until the end, as my body would wear and tear as I grow older with age." Moriarty responded to Bonito with a rare smile. Suddenly, there was a bright light filling up the room.
Something is happening to me! What is going on? I am able... to feel? Bonito icon
Moriarty icon
I was able to give you a spirit. You should be able to perceive the children's feelings. I am sorry I couldn't do more...
Oh thank you, wizard! Thank you! Thank you, thank you. Bonito icon
Moriarty icon
Let's go. We need to find the piece in this world.
I was in shock, but it didn't seem to bother Moriarty at all. I instantly realized that Moriarty's memory is an infinite source of information. Moriarty... Is this .. the repeating memory?

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