Located at the upper-left of the Map, the Dorm is the place where you can manage your Sidians.


In this section, you can check your current Sidians in possession, view their status, and characteristics.


Dorm infophoto fusion-menu

Fusion menu.

In this section, you can perform the fusion of Sidians to upgrade their level or Fusion levels. First you must select the "base Sidian" and then, select all of the "victim Sidians" who will be merged with the base one. The selected victim Sidians will be highlighted with an orange frame. Due to the fusion system managed in the game, you can only select copies of the base card or Special Sidians such as Jokers or Fusion Lessers ; the fusion using different Sidians as fusion material, Sidians sent to Explore at the Gate, or used as main profile leader are not allowed.

When it's ready, touch the Fusion button to proceed. The animation will appear and then will show you the result at the bottom of the card. Fusion don't cost any materials like Gold or Crystals. The result Sidian will appear in your normal list with their stats updated. The newly updated Sidian will appear at the same place as the base Sidian chosen.

There's an option called Lock, at upper center of the menu, which let you secure a specific Sidian, doing so will not allowed the specific Sidian selected as fusion material.

Sidian ChangeEdit

  • In Servant Change menu
  • When choose one.
  • Changing animation
  • Servant changed.
Sidian change is a feature that allows players to change a lower rarity Sidian into a higher rarity Sidian.

Requirements to change a Sidian is that the Sidian must be at maximum fusion level and maximum level. If your Sidian doesn't meet the requirements, it will display "Level too low". Next is the Sidian's rarity must be "Uncommon (★★)" or "Rare (★★★)". The same as with fusion, you can't select a locked Sidian, Sidian as your leader and Sidians sent on exploration.

How to change a Sidian, just select the Sidian you would like to change. If it reaches the requirements, a confirmation window will pop up. It will show amount of gold Gold icon that is needed to change the sidian. When you confirm to change, a changing animation will appear, then your sidian will change to another sidian with a higher rarity!

But please keep in mind that when changing a Sidian, the new Sidian you acquired will be randomize. Like in Ticket/Gold/Weekly Summons and the Altar. There is no confirmation that your changed Sidian will have the same element and skill effect. Also, you can't return a changed Sidian into your old Sidian back.

Skill Level UpEdit

In this section, you can improve the value and quality of the Sidian's skill. First select the Sidian who will be upgraded, a description of the before and after skill will be shown, along with the required item needed to perform the upgrade; these items can be crafted at the Atelier. The upgrade will cost 1,000 Gold icon to move from Lv. 1 to Lv. 2, and 10,000Gold icon from Lv. 2 to Lv. 3.
Dorm infophoto skillup

Leveling up a sidian's skill.

List of Items required:Edit

Element Lv. 1 to Lv. 2 Lv. 2 to Lv. 3
Normal Dollish Bat icon Wooden Bat Rosen Knife icon Floral Knife
Fire Glove of the Salamander icon Salamander's Glove Flame Bomb iconFlame Bomb
Thunder AA Battery iconAA Battery Stun Gun iconStun Gun
Ice Ice Pick iconIce Pick Snow Fan iconSnow Fan
Light White Bible iconWhite Artifact Spear of the Unicorn iconSpear of the Unicorn
Dark Sword of the DragonDragon's Sword Dark Cloak iconBlack Misty Cloak

Sell SidiansEdit

Dorm infophoto sell-servants

Selling sidians.

As the title states, here you will sell unwanted Sidians in exchange for Gold. Select a Sidian or Sidians you want to sell from the list. By doing this, the refund will show you how much GoldGold icon you will gain for them.

Same as fusion, you can't select locked Sidians, main leader Sidian, or Sidians sent on exploration.

After version 2.0 update, a new feature was introduced. Upon selling Sidians, you will get either Time-Space Powder Time-Space Powder icon or Time-Space Shard Time-Space Shard icon. The amount that you received corresponds to the rarity of the Sidians sold. The Time-Space Powder and Shard can be used for creating Summon Stones for Time-Space Guests.

Rarity Time-Space PowderTime-Space Powder icon Time-Space ShardTime-Space Shard icon GoldGold icon
2 - 100
★★ 3 - 200
★★★ 3 - 300
★★★★ - 2 400
★★★★★ - 5 500

Some sidians give different amount of Time-space Powder or Shards.

Sidian Time-Space PowderTime-Space Powder icon Time-Space ShardTime-Space Shard icon
Rare+ Season Exceptional 20 -
EXP Joker(L)
EXP Joker(M) 5 -
2x HP S.Rare - 10
S.Rare Season Exceptional 30 -

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