Easter Mileage Event
Special Event Card: SR Odina
Odina F3 full card
Start: 2015 Apr,1
End: 2015 Apr, 13
Last Event: N/A
Next Event: Lion Mileage Event

Period Edit

2015/4/1 (Wed) 06:00 ~ 4/13 (Mon) 05:59 UTC

- You get Easter points from battles and get point rewards.
1000: AP Special Potion
3000: 5000 Gold
5000: MP Special Potion
7500: Magic Flask
10000: One of the R+ Jokers
12500: 10000 Gold
15000: SR Odina

- Rewards will be repeated afterwards. But every 15000 points, Summon tickets x 5 will be presented instead.

- After the event, there will be ranking rewards.
1~100: SR Odina x 3 and Ticket x 10
101~200: SR Odina x 3 and Ticket x 5
201~300: SR Odina x 2 and Ticket x 5
301~400: SR Odina x 2 and Ticket x 3
401~600: SR Odina x 1 and Ticket x 3
601~800: SR Odina x 1 and Ticket x 1
801~1000: SR Odina x 1

More information about Mileage Events here

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