Dark Halloween Don Quixote
In the name of justice, I will not forgive you.


Halloween Don Quixote
Type : DarkDarkness
Rarity : S.Rare
Sidian No. : 562
Min/Max AK : 625 / 27,231
Min/Max HP : 575 / 13,371
Skill : Magic girl in justice
Lv. 1
Sidian gains 120% additional ATK.
Lv. 2
Sidian gains 260% additional ATK.
Lv. 3
Sidian gains 400% additional ATK.
Lv. 4
Lv. 5
Trigger : 29%

Character Info

Don Quixote is dressed up as a little sorcerer. He says the little sorcerer does resembles his righteous acts as a knight protecting weak friends for love and justice. However, how he is swinging her wand and causing trouble looks quite far from the little and cute sorcerer.

Illust = ayamy
Voice : Ai Kakuma

  • Summon Comment :
"Magic girl of love and justice, trick or treat!"
  • Victory Comment :
Victory of the magic girl! Am I getting candy for this?
  • Lose Comment :
In the name of justice, retreat!
  • Skill Comment :
In the name of justice, I will not forgive you.

How to Acquire

  • Special class Define Justice : Given as reward for completing 3rd Grade [Transformation].
  • Sidians Change :
    • From following dates, SR Halloween Don Quixote Change will be revealed under [Sidians Change] at [Dorm].
    • Change Lv.Max R Don Quixote and SR Halloween Don Quixote change item to SR Halloween Don Quixote.
Event period : 10/17 00:00 ~ 11/15 24:00 (UTC)

Other Forms

Don Quixote | Halloween Don Quixote | Shopping Don Quixote

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