Dark Halloween Lupin
Your heart, Get!


Halloween Lupin
Type : DarkDarkness
Rarity : S.Rare
Sidian No. : 383
Min/Max AK : 520 / 12,920
Min/Max HP : 630 / 27,186
Skill : Mystical Theft
Lv. 1
Recovers 250% of the Sidian's HP.
Lv. 2
Recovers 300% of the Sidian's HP.
Lv. 3
Recovers 350% of the Sidian's HP.
Lv. 4
Lv. 5
Trigger : 35%

Character Info

Lupin showed up to the Halloween party in her costume which she personally designed. She surely is the center of attention as she strolls down the aisle. It is as if her beauty radiates through her mask.

Illust = ayamy
Voice : Rei Matsuzaki

  • Summon Comment :
"Psst, I'm going to steal your heart tonight~♡"
  • Victory Comment :
Ah ha~ I win. Your heart belongs to me~
  • Lose Comment :
  • Sniff Sniff* Next year you will be mine, right?
  • Skill Comment :
Your heart, Get!

How to Acquire

Other Forms

Lupin | Halloween Lupin | Summer Lupin | School Trip Lupin

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