Lunar New Year 2016 Banner

2016 Lunar New Year is upon us. And we know how to celebrate it with style and grace!

Event 1: Sharing goodies! New Year Login Rewards! Edit

During the following period, we will send you additional daily rewards for logging in.

  • Duration: 2/7 00:00 ~ 2/9 24:00 (UTC)
  • Rewards: 200 Crystals per each day

Event 2: Lunar New Year Bonus Crystal! Edit

  • Duration: 2/8 00:00 ~ 24:00 (UTC)

On 2/8 (Mon), you will receive 50% more Crystals from Crystal purchases in the Shop! (Example: Purchasing 700-Crystal pack will yield 350 bonus Crystals!)

Event 3: Special Guest in the Forest! Edit

  • Duration: 2/8 00:00 ~ 24:00 (UTC)

On 2/8 (Mon), a special guest will be visiting the Forest of Confession.

Lunar New Year 2016 Event #3
Card: SR Christie (New Year)
Start: 2016 Feb, 8 00:00 (UTC)
End: 2016 Feb, 8 24:00 (UTC)

Event 4: Hanbok is the Hot Trend! Edit

This Lunar New Year, you can meet Hanbok Sidians that know how to celebrate Lunar New Year in style.

Duration Edit

  • 2/5 00:00 ~ 2/15 24:00 (UTC)

Hanbok Gatcha! Edit

During this period, there will be a new Hanbok gatcha under Summons menu.

  • You will get : 1x SR Hanbok Sidian + 5x Magic Paper
  • Hanbok Sidian % : Hanbok Nietzsche 33% / Hanbok Hadesia 33% / Hanbok Selene 33% / JJ 1%
  • Price : 880 Crystals

Hanbok Sidian Change! Edit

  • During the event period, new Hanbok features will be added under [Sidian Change] menu.
  • Hanbok Nietzsche/Hadesia/Selene x1 + 1000 Gold = R Gold Eggmon x1 + Flower Cookie x4
  • Also during the event period, there will be new Hanbok Sidian Summon Stones available under Atelier menu.
  • Flower Cookie x20 = SR Hanbok Nietzsche/Hadesia/Selene Summon Stone x1
  • You can also consume Flower Cookie under Atelier > [My Items] menu to recover AP 100%.
  • Sell R Gold Eggmon for whopping 5000 Gold!
  • Event items/materials are only available during the event period.
  • SR Hanbok Nietzsche/Hadesia/Selene will receive 3x ATK Bonus between 2/5 00:00 ~ 2/29 24:00 (UTC).
Lunar New Year Festival 2016 Event #4
Hanbok Nietzsche Hanbok Hadesia Hanbok Selene
Card: SR Hanbok Nietzsche Card: SR Hanbok Hadesia Card: SR Hanbok Selene

Event 5: What a cutie pie! - New Year, New Look! Mileage Event Edit

  • Duration: 2/5 00:00 ~ 2/10 24:00 (UTC)

A certain "cute" butler will be appearing in Hanbok as well.

Lunar New Year 2016 Event #5 - "New Year, New Look! Mileage Event"
Event icon:
Lunar New Year Festival 2016 Mileage Event Icon
Hanbok Sebastian
Card: SR Hanbok Sebastian
Start: 2016 Feb, 5
End: 2016 Feb, 10

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