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Mileage Events usually have the same structure, where you get a reward based on points you get after every battle, according to a point milestone.. It doesn't interfere with circle points, so don't worry, you can collect both at the same time, and the rates are different too.

■ Mileage Point Rewards

Mileage sections will be as following:

Section 1 : 0 ~ 100,000 set range : 10000(x10)

Section 2 : 100,000 ~ 400,000 set range : 15000(x20)

Section 3 : 400,000 ~ 800,000 set range : 20000(x20)

Section 4 : 800,000 ~ 1,300,000 set range : 25000(x20)

Section 5 : 1,300,000 ~ 1,900,000 set range : 30000(x20)

Section 6 : 1,900,000 ~ 2,250,000 set range : 35000(x10)

※ If you repeat the set as above numbers, it becomes a section.

■ Section 1~5’s set rewards are as follows.

1 : 7000 Gold

2 : Random AP Potion x1

3 : Exp Joker(S)

4 : Balloon Yoyo

5 : Summon Ticket

6 : Summon Stone Material

7 : Random MP Potion x1

8 : Exp Joker(S)

9 : Balloon Yoyo

10 : Random-type Summon Stone

※ At 100,000 / 250,000 / 400,000 / 600,000 point, you will receive “SR Mileage Sidian” instead of the original reward.

※ For Random AP/MP Potion, you will be given only one from Stick, Flask, or Special potion.

※ For Summon Stone Material, you will be given one material for new SR, R+ Summon Stones for Atelier.

※ For Section 6, Balloon Yoyos will be replaced with Random AP/MP Potion respectively.

Ranking Edit

After the event, there will be ranking rewards:

Rank Ranking Rewards
1~100 SR Card x3 + Ticket x10 + Magic Paper x5
101~200 SR Card x3 + Ticket x7 + Magic Paper x3
201~300 SR Card x3 + Ticket x5
301~400 SR Card x3 + Ticket x3
401~600 SR Card x2 + Ticket x3
601~800 SR Card x1 + Ticket x3
801~1000 SR Card x1 + Ticket x2

Special Ranking Rewards Edit

Special Ranking Rewards differs from the normal rankings as they give extra rewards and bonuses. Participants that manage to reach top 10 will only receive the rewards as mentioned below.

The extra rewards and bonuses are:

This reward system was originally awarded to players who manage to ranked in the Top 5, introduced during the Nietzsche Mileage Event. But, has expanded due to increase in players. The new top 10 ranking system began with Miesiac's Mileage Event.

Top 10 Edit

Rank Special Ranking Rewards
1st place 4-star Fusion Card x8 + 5-star Fusion Card x5 + 4000 crystals
2nd place 4-star Fusion Card x7 + 5-star Fusion Card x4 + 2500 crystals
3rd place 4-star Fusion Card x6 + 5-star Fusion Card x3 + 1500 crystals
4th place 4-star Fusion Card x5 + 5-star Fusion Card x2 + 1000 crystals
5th place 4-star Fusion Card x4 + 5-star Fusion Card x1 + 400 crystals
6th place 4-star Fusion Card x3 + 5-star Fusion Card x1 + 300 crystals
7th place 4-star Fusion Card x3 + 5-star Fusion Card x1 + 200 crystals
8th place 4-star Fusion Card x2 + 5-star Fusion Card x1 + 100 crystals
9th place 4-star Fusion Card x2 + 5-star Fusion Card x1
10th place 4-star Fusion Card x1 + 5-star Fusion Card x1

Top 5 Edit

Old Special Ranking Rewards before it was expanded to include top 10 participants.

Rank Special Ranking Rewards
5 R+ Fusion Card 4x and SR Fusion Card 1x and 400 Crystals
4 R+ Fusion Card 5x and SR Fusion Card 2x and 1000 Crystals
3 R+ Fusion Card 6x and SR Fusion Card 3x and 1800 Crystals
2 R+ Fusion Card 7x and SR Fusion Card 4x and 2800 Crystals
1 R+ Fusion Card 8x and SR Fusion Card 5x and 4000 Crystals

Trophy Edit

When you reach a certain ranking, participants will receive a trophy.

The Defending ChampionEdit

"The Defending Champion" trophy will be given after the ranking event, and only one player can have the "The Defending Champion" trophy at a time, which is the winner of the last Mileage Ranking Event.

The LegendaryEdit

Three-time winners in Mileage Events will be given the "The Legendary" trophy.

Raffaello Mileage Event introduces a new system of rewards, divided by sections, and since we don't know if these changes will be permanent, you can read the details there.

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