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Mission menu.

Located in the menu of the Library, the Missions are special badges that can be portrayed as a title for the player.

In order to unlock a badge, you must level max the required sidian(s). Once level maxed, the sidians will have have a "CLEAR" icon over their own icons. Due to recent updates, there is no need to keep the required sidians in order to complete the missions. You can dispose of the sidians and they will still have the "CLEAR" icon.

Once having gathered all the requirements, you can touch the "CHECK" button and the game will notify you that you unlocked the badge, and will put a "GET" icon over the badge's icon. After unlocking it, you can dispose of your sidians and display the badge in your profile.

  • Sample of required servants gathered.
  • Animation when completing a mission.
  • Notify and description of the unlocked badge.

Then, the completed mission will go to the bottom of the list.

The badges has a clue title referring which sidians you will need to unlock them. In order to unlock a mission, you have to do a certain requirement; most of them are clearing Classes at the School , or completing Chapter in the Gate .

To change the displayed badge, go to: Home/Map >> My Info >> "Change" button, upper right.

List of MissionsEdit

Title Servant 1 Servant 2 Servant 3 Unlocked by
"Multi kills! Eggs were subdued."
Egg Crusher icon
Egg Crusher
Eggmon icon Eggmon Eggmon 3X icon Eggmon 3X Blue Eggmon icon Blue Eggmon Default
"I will visit you in your dreams tonight."
Nightmare icon
Teddy icon Teddy Red Teddy icon Red Teddy Magic for Beginners 201 cleared
"It's easy to come here, but you have to pay to leave."
Newcomer icon
Sebastian icon Sebastian Nicolini icon Nicolini Magic for Beginners 202 cleared
"How about coming to the student body?"
New SB Member icon
New SB Member
Chaerin icon Chaerin Roben icon Roben Clubroom cleared
"Welcome to the dark student body."
Dark Student Body icon
Dark Student Body
Veronica icon Veronica Lupin icon Lupin Maze cleared
Arrrrrr icon
Mermaid icon Mermaid Purple Mermaid icon Purple Mermaid Basilica San Mateo cleared
"How much? How much do you want?"
Silver Spoon icon
Silver Spoon
Medicia icon Medicia Palazzo Ducale cleared
"God abandoned me...So I abandoned God."
Rash Challenger icon
Rash Challenger
Fallen Angel icon Fallen Angel Great Fallen Angel icon Great Fallen Angel Intermediate Magic 301 cleared
"Do you like snakes?"
Rash Goer icon
Rash Goer
Medusa icon Medusa Red Medusa Red Medusa Teatro della Scala cleared
"What an inspiration!"
Genius Writer icon
Genius Writer
Durantie icon Durantie Shakespeare icon Shakespeare Galleria delgi Uffizi cleared
"A knight should prove his loyalty."
Apprentice Knight icon
Apprentice Knight
Iron Knight icon Iron Knight Red Knight icon Red Knight Intermediate Magic 302 cleared
"It's so easy for my disciple."
Passionate Teacher icon
Passionate Teacher
Machiavelli icon Machiavelli Johannes icon Johannes St. Peter's cleared
"Who dares to wake up The Empress?"
Attacker icon
Golem Soldier icon Golem Soldier Golem General icon Golem General Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor cleared
"Save us, oh merciful Buddha!"
Santon icon
Sanzang icon Sanzang Dunhuang cleared
"Seduction is part of the strategy."
Great Beauty icon
Great Beauty
Diaochan icon Diaochan The Forbidden City cleared
"Cold soils of the grave... is what I've been eating."
Revivor icon
Vampire Girl icon Vampire Girl Red Vampire Girl icon Red Vampire Girl Muryong Royal Tomb cleared
"Hey, add some more meat onto my plate."
Gourmet icon
Fox icon Fox Golden Fox icon Golden Fox Generals Tomb cleared
"Authority comes from having power."
King Maker icon
King Maker
Bidam icon Bidam Misil icon Misil Intermediate Magic 303 cleared
"Track the target until the very end."
Chaser icon
Shinobi icon Shinobi Red Shinobi icon Red Shinobi Todaiji cleare
"Did you successfully obtain the target?"
Assasin icon
Kunoichi icon Kunoichi Red Kunoichi icon Red Kunoichi Advanced Production 403 cleared
"I will serve you for the entirety of my life."
Delusion icon
Himiko icon Himiko Osakajo cleared
"The enemy is within."
Great Hope icon
Great Hope
Nobunaga icon Nobunaga Akechi icon Akechi .Advanced Production 404 cleared
"I refuse to die!"
Immortal icon
Mummy icon Mummy Red Mummy icon Red Mummy Black Mummy icon Black Mummy The Sphinx cleared
"Mmm.. So sleepy."
Sleepyhead icon
Red Gremlin icon Red Gremlin Blue Gremlin icon Blue Gremlin Special Magic 501 cleared
"Behold! The King of the Sun."
Pharao icon
Ramesses icon Ramesses Special Magic 502 cleared
"Where did we go wrong?"
Slave of Love icon
Slave of Love
Cleopatra icon Cleopatra Antonius icon Antonius The Pyramid cleared
"This body has strengthened for over 1000 years."
Muscular icon
Statue icon Statue Red Statue icon Red Statue Black Statue icon Black Statue Special Magic 503 cleared
"When I hear the footsteps of cattle."
Bullfighter icon
Red Minotaur icon Red Minotaur Blue Minotaur icon Blue Minotaur Cnossos cleared
"The truth and essence of human behavior."
Intelligent icon
Socrates icon Socrates Aristotle icon Aristotle The Acropolis cleared
"Bring it on!"
Bad Boy icon
Bad Boy
Achilles icon Achilles Thor icon Thor Troy cleared
"Here. I'll protect this last paradise."
Animal Lover icon
Animal Lover
Diana icon Diana Pompeii cleared
"Roaring! Grrr..."
Lonely Wolf icon
Lonely Wolf
Werewolf icon Werewolf Red Werewolf Red Werewolf Black Werewolf icon Black Werewolf Notre-Dame cleared
"We protect his majesty!"
Maternal Instinct icon
Maternal Instinct
Guard Blue icon Guard Blue Guard Rebecca icon Guard Rebecca Marie icon Marie Versallies Palace cleared
"Don't touch me when I'm eating."
Hungry icon
Cosette icon Cosette Eiffel Tower cleared
"Hey. Have you done your homework?"
Entomologist icon
Fabre icon Fabre River Rhine cleared
"Declare war on the world."
Spinster icon
Calvin icon Calvin The Heidelberg cleared
"It will sting a little."
White Angel icon
White Angel
Nightingale icon Nightingale Barcelona cleared
"Oh, my queen!"
Queen icon
Elizabeth icon Elizabeth Bloody icon Bloody Big Ben cleared
"Oh, my. Is there any requests for me?"
Detective icon
Victoria icon Victoria Sherlock icon Sherlock Buckingham Palace cleared
"I trained hard on the Organ at the music school."
Cute Musician icon
Cute Musician
Dvorak icon Dvorak Real production 603 cleared
"No way. Am I number two?"
Number 2 icon
Number 2
Salieri icon Salieri Westminster Abbey cleared
"Call me the queen of the network."
Queen of the Network icon
Queen of the Network
Rete icon Rete A spacecraft out-bound dock cleared
"Executing the order."
Robot Mania icon
Robot Mania
Molpos icon Molpos Gunslinger icon Gunslinger Deadspace icon Deadspace A space battleship depot cleared
"What is our relationship?"
True Friend icon
True Friend
Sirius icon Sirius Catwood icon Catwood Outside of the colony cleared
"Is time another dimension in space?"
4-Dimensional icon
Tulouran icon Tulouran Tanator icon Tanator Kelsey icon Kelsey Mars surface cleared
"Waiting for you by the Time Space Engine."
Time Traveler icon
Time Traveler
Moriarty icon Moriarty Center of Main Core cleared

Title Servant 1 Servant 2 Servant 3 Unlocked by
"Welcome to Sid Story"
Welcome Sid Story iconWelcome Sid Story None None None Given to all players when the game's name changed from Magic School Lussid to Sid Story.
"From now, this swimsuit is mine."
Swimsuit Fan iconSwimsuit Fan Summer Rete icon Summer Rete Reward for leveling SR Summer Rete to the max level between 9/4 (Fri) 06:00 ~ 9/13 (Sun) 24:00 UTC.
"Have you seen an angel around?"
December Angel iconDecember Angel Enoch icon Enoch Sandalphon icon Sandalphon Reward for leveling R+ Enoch and R+ Sandalphon to the max level during Season 35, between 12/16 (Wed) 00:00 ~ 12/31 (Thu) 24:00 UTC.
"Pimp My Husband!"
Cry Baby & the Fool icon
Cry Baby & the Fool
Pyungkang icon Pyungkang Ondal icon Ondal Reward for leveling R+ Pyungkang and R+ Ondal to the max level during Season 40, between 3/1 (Tue) 00:00 ~ 3/15 (Tue) 24:00 UTC
"What's that in the sky!"
Sky Pioneer icon
Sky Pioneer
Wilbur icon Wilbur Orvilline icon Orvilline Reward for leveling S.Rare Wilbur and S.Rare Orvilline to the max level during Season 42, between 4/16 (SAT) 00:00 ~ 5/15 (SUN) 24:00 UTC
Student Body Election #5
SBE 5 icon
OOO Supporter
Reward for getting a rank in top 10 for each contestant during SBE #5, 2016/4/11 (Mon) 00:00 ~ 2016/4/13 (Wed) 20:00 (UTC)
"Dr Jekyll and Miss Hyde"
This is the moment icon
This is the moment
Jekyll icon Jekyll Hyde icon Hyde Reward for leveling R+ Jekyll and SR Hyde to the max level during Season 45, between 5/16 (Thu) 00:00 ~ 6/30 (Thu) 24:00 UTC
"Swing your pillow"
Pillow Fight icon
Pillow Fight
School Trip Darius icon School Trip Darius School Trip Constantine icon School Trip Constantine School Trip Cixi Taihou icon School Trip Cixi Taihou Reward for leveling SR School Trip Darius, SR School Trip Constantine and SR School Trip Cixi Taihou to the max level during "Lussid School Trip" Gacha Event, between 6/13 (Mon) 00:00 ~ 7/15 (Fri) 24:00 UTC
"Children's and Household Tales"
Bizarre Adventure icon
Bizarre Adventure
Jacob icon Jacob Wilhelm icon Wilhelm Reward for leveling SR Jacob and SR Wilhelm to the max level during Season 47, between 6/16 (Thu) 00:00 ~ 7/15 (Fri) 24:00 UTC
"A spell with her wish"
Curse Master icon
Curse Master
Queen Inhyeon icon Queen Inhyeon Okjeong icon Okjeong Reward for leveling R+ Queen Inhyeon and R+ Okjeong to the max level during Season 48, between 7/1 (Fri) 00:00 ~ 7/31 (Sun) 24:00 UTC

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