• Summon Sidian overview.
Located at the bottom of the Map, here you can try to summon a Sidian using tickets, crystals and gold.

There are four types of summoning you can do. Which is: Ticket Summon, Crystal Summon, Gold Summon and Event Summon.

Ticket Summon

Summon a Sidian and try your luck at Ticket Summon! You can get a random Sidian from Rare (★★★) to S.Rare (★★★★★) by using ticket summons. S.Rare are hard to acquire as they have the smallest percentage within the three rarity, Rare being the highest percentage and Rare+ (★★★★) goes in the middle of both.

Ticket Summon Exclusive Sidian

Below are list of Sidians that can be acquired through Ticket Summon only;

Two types of Ticket Summon:

  • Ticket Summon banners in Summon.
  • Ticket.
  • Summon 1 Sidian using 1 Ticket.
  • Summon 10 Sidians using 10 Tickets.

How to Acquire Tickets:

  • Login everyday to receive your reward in Daily Login.
  • Given out as a reward during events.
  • By using Crystal Summon, you can get ticket orbs. Collect 6 to get one full Ticket Summon.
  • First time clear in some classes and explorations.

Crystal Summon

Crystal summon is different than ticket summon. Although they both summon Sidians, Crystal Summon uses Crystals instead of Tickets. And while Ticket summons give random Sidians, using Crystals will give you a specific summon, depends on that day's daily/weekly summon. Daily/Weekly Summon changes every week.

Two types of Crystal Summon:

  • 2 different types of summon available. Daily Summons and Weekly Summons. (Rare+ and S.Rare are available to summon on different date. Image display is not the same within the game and only for display.)
  • Crystal.
  • Daily Summons: Summon a specific Sidian that will be available that week. Summon cost depends on the rarity of the determined Sidian. Rare+ (★★★★) cost 500 crystals, whereas S.Rare (★★★★★) cost 800 crystals.
  • Weekly Summons: Summon a random Sidian that will be available that week. Acquisition percentage of SR Sidian is 5%, R+ Sidian is 18%. Every summon made on this option will only cost 300 crystals.

About Super Power Attack

Crystal Summon also give x4 and x5 Super Power Attack depends on Daily/Weekly Summon of that sidian that is available to summon on those days. Super Power Attack only last for 2 weeks, the effect will return IF the Sidian is available for summon again. It is always, x4 for Rare+ (★★★★) and x5 for S.Rare (★★★★★).

How to Acquire Crystals:

  • Login everyday to receive your reward in Daily Login.
  • Watching ADs in your Feed.
  • Contributing in your Circle. Check crystals rewards at Camp#Ranking_rewards here.
  • Take part in any event!
  • Mileage Event ranking. If you are ranked in top 10 in Mileage Events, you can get up to 100 - 4000 crystals. There are also other events that include crystals as rewards. So, be sure to be on a look out and keep up with announcements!
  • Buy them at the Shop.

Gold Summon

Gold summon and Ticket summon are nearly similar. Gold summon will also be summoning random Sidians. The acquisition percentage can also be applied to Gold Summon. But, with a much lower percentage than Ticket Summon. You can acquire Sidians with rarity Normal, Uncommon, Rare, Rare+ and S.Rare. The higher the rarity, the lower chance to acquire. You have 2% chance to summon a Rare+ Sidian. S.Rare Sidians acquired through gold summon is either Monthly Gold Summon which available for a limited time or gold summon exclusive.

Monthly Gold Summon

Every month, a new Sidian is added to the pool of gold summon. It is an exclusive Sidian that can only be acquired via gold summon or login reward. Monthly Sidians can be Rare+ (★★★★) or S. Rare (★★★★★).

Gold Summon Exclusive Sidian

Below are list of Sidians that can be acquired through Gold Summon only;

Two types of Gold Summon:

  • Summon banners in Summon.
  • Gold.
  • Summon 1 Sidian using 1000 Gold.
  • Summon 10 Sidian using 10000 Gold.

How to Acquire Gold:

  • Login everyday to receive your reward in Daily Login.
  • Selling Sidians at Dorm#Sell_Sidians dorm
  • Given out as a rewards during events.

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