It’s February, and we all know it’s time to get lovey-dovey and bitter-sweet for Valentine’s Day. Let me hook you guys up with these sweet, chocolate-filled events!

Event 1: Eat, Vote, and Love – Valentine Chocolate Election! Edit

There are many lovely Sidians, but from whom would you like to receive Valentine’s Day chocolate?

Medicia, Himiko, and Christie are each claiming that her chocolate will be the favorite. So let’s vote it out and decide whose chocolate is indeed the favorite among Sid students.

Valentine Chocolate Election Edit

  • Duration: 2/12 (Fri) 12:00 ~ 2/14 (Sun) 24:00 (UTC)
Event #1 - Valentine Candidates
Valentine Medicia F1 Valentine Himiko F1 Valentine Christie F1
Card: SR Valentine Medicia Card: SR Valentine Himiko Card: SR Valentine Christie

Valentine Chocolate Ballot Papers Edit

  • For this election, you will be using “Feelings for Her” as the ballot paper.
  • You can obtain “Feelings for Her” during the event period by defeating Season 38 Exceptionals. (3~7 Feelings per Exceptional)

What happens to the winner… and the losers? Edit

  • Winning Sidian will become the mileage event reward for the mileage event beginning on 2/19 (Fri)!
  • 2nd place Sidian will appear in Forest of Confession between 2/16~18 with orange or yellow face.
  • 3rd place Sidian will appear in Forest of Confession between 2/16~18 with blue or green face. Uh oh, she’s mad!
  • The election result will be hidden throughout the period. It will be revealed on 2/15 (Mon).

Event 2: Happy Valentine’s Day from Singta! (Login Gifts) Edit

Log in daily during the following Valentine period, and you will receive heart-felt gifts from us.

  • Duration: 2/12 (Fri) 00:00 ~ 2/14 (Sun) 24:00 (UTC)
  • Gifts:
  1. 2/12 - "Feelings for Her" x10 + Blue Bomb x10
  2. 2/13 - "Feelings for Her" x10 + Pink Bomb x1
  3. 2/14 - "Feelings for Her" x10 + Magic Paper x10

Event 3: Thank you for the chocolate! – Forest of Confession Edit

  • Duration: 2/16 (Tues) 00:00 ~ 2/18 (Thur) 24:00 (UTC)
  • During this period, Sidians that claimed 2nd and 3rd place of Valentine Chocolate Election will appear in the Forest. Write to them to re-capture their hearts!

Event 4: “After” Valentine Mileage Event – “You’re my Sweetheart” Edit

So you voted for the winning Valentine candidate. And now you have to claim her heart! Meet her through this special mileage event.

“After” Valentine Mileage Event – “You’re my Sweetheart” Edit

  • Duration: 2/19 12:00 ~ 2/23 24:00 (UTC)
  • For 1~10th place users in this mileage event, “Sweet Valentine” trophy will be given.
  • Rewards will be given by 2/24, a day after event is over.
  • SR Valentine Sidians will receive bonus stats during the following duration, 2/16 00:00 ~ 3/15 24:00 (UTC)
  • Mileage reward Sidian will receive the buff starting on 2/19 12:00 UTC.
  • SR Valentine Medicia / Christie : 3x ATK
  • SR Valentine Himiko : 2x HP

Facebook Exclusive - "Share Your Love" Valentine Event! Edit

How's everyone faring in this lovey-dovey season? We're giving all of you opportunities to share your love for Sid Story with your friends!

"Share Your Love" Event Edit

  • Duration: 2/11 ~ 2/15 24:00 (UTC)
  • Share your love to your friends!
  1. Post the image below on to your Facebook timeline. Get creative with the texts to invite your friends.
  2. Tag minimum 3 friends in your post.
  3. Make sure to set the post setting to "Public". Then post!
  4. Once done, come back here and leave your UID in "Comment" section.
  • Rewards : 18x Magic Paper (Rewards will be given to you after the event period, hopefully by 2/16!)

Thank you & have a lovely Valentine's Day!

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