• Greetings from Sid Story~

    The pride of our Magic School, Fusion Lessor JJ has disappeared from School!!!! Rumor has it that JJ has a weakspot for Likes~
    Achieve 10,000 Likes and find JJ~ Sid Story Global "Like" Event <Hope You Find JJ>

    ◆ Event Period
    Global Like Event JJ

    - June 15(Thu) upon Notice ~ June 29 (Thu) 24:00

    ◆ How to Participate
    - Please click the "Like" button at the bottom of this page~!
    - Various items will be provided depending on the total accumulated "Like(s)"~

    Event Link Address :

    ◆ "Like(s)" Reward Information
    - 2,000 "Like(s)" - Special AP & MP potion x5
    - 4,000 "Like(s)" - Golden Paper x5
    - 6,000 "Like(s)" - Bomb x2
    - 8,000 "Like(s)" - R+ Blin x2
    - 10,000 "Like(s)" - SR JJ x1

    Ex) In the case that the total number of likes is between 4,000 ~ 6,000 - all students will receive "Special AP & MP potion x5" + "Golden Paper x5".

    • Items will be sent on June 30 (Fri), one day after the end of the event.
      * The event end date is subject to change depending on how JJ is feeling.

    We hope all the Lussid students all over the world will come to participate.

    Thank you. ^_^ !

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