Light Trubar
This grammar is too easy to make a mistake.


Type : LightHoly
Rarity : S.Rare
Sidian No. : 579
Min/Max AK : 620 / 27,538
Min/Max HP : 579 / 13,235
Skill : Grammar Class
Lv. 1
Sidian gains 190% additional ATK.
Lv. 2
Sidian gains 290% additional ATK.
Lv. 3
Sidian gains 390% additional ATK.
Lv. 4
Sidian gains 415% additional ATK.
Lv. 5
Sidian gains 440% additional ATK.
Trigger : 34%

Character Info

A Protestant reformer, most known as the author of the first Slovene language printed book and wrote number of text books for Slovene. He is a fan of Erasmus and collects her photos secretly.

Illust = sila

How to Acquire

  • Daily Summons
    • 2016 11/26
    • 2017 7/15

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