Hello Everyone,

I recently started playing Sid Story and am definitely enjoying it. : ) Now I would like this blog to be a hub for those wanting to join or find a Circle and make it easier for Circle's looking to add new members in game. In order to make friends and collect the awesome cards the game offers. These are the following catagories. *Rank based on the current or final day of the most recent Event* 

TOP 50 Circle : 

Circle Name / Requirement / Available # of Spots

TOP 100  Circle :

Circle Name / Requirement / Available # of Spots 

Specific Element Circle :

Circle Name / Element i.e. All Light, Darkness, Fire etc... / Available # of Spots

Anime fans Circle :

Circle Name / Any Requirement if needed / Available # of Spots

Country Specific : 

Circle Name / Region or Language / Available # of Spots 

To place your Circle name on any list reply below with the required information needed.

Thanks for viewing and any suggestions gladly welcomed too!  

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