• DawnDove

    I noticed you can get the ingredients from certain sidian battles, at least for me. I will note them down as I keep fighting the sidians since I am searching for the glasses anyways. I mostly know about the ingredients for sr. If you guys want me to I can post the rare card ingredients.

    Remember: they have random drop, so don't expect them to get them at the first try.

    SR ingredient: Perfume Bottle of Seduction

    1. Fighting Sidian: Cai Lun  Found in Gate Exploration [the TS Engine]. 
    You can also get the rare ingredient: Burning Flower

    SR Ingredient: Cute Ribbon

    1. Fighting Sidian: Dvorak  Found in Lesson Real Magic (601-605).
    You can also get the rare ingredient: no idea
    2. Fighting Sidian: Emma Goldman  Found in Gate Exploration [the New Frontier]…

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