Referral Codes

These are referral codes that can be used inside Sid Story to summon any type of Sidian you desire. You should consider that it's better to choose Sidians' that are harder to acquire or can no longer be obtained, then again, it's your choice. If a code does not work, tell me please. :D

Rare +

Sidian Type Skill Info Probability Referral Code
Asmodeus Flame

Devil's Allure (Lv 1): 210% additional attack

40% 6MqE/M05H4F+MYnD7WzJcA==
School Elizabeth Holy Queen's New Style(Lv 1): Recover 220% HP 35% wLiy8naco92IoD+UimGh+g==
Xiao Qiao Flame Little Sister's Ambush(Lv 1): 100% additional attack 12.78% kI43cRxnYhqZJ6qFz0VZWg==
Beatrice Dark Pure Love(Lv 1): Recover 100% HP 25% /eVgBVLsuDWDF6pZ4eZp6g==
Hadesia Dark The King of the Netherworld(Lv 1): Recover 120% HP 41% eMO+utOPjrc3QI6ZwfkKVg==
Wu Zetian Dark A Test of The Emperor(Lv 1): Reduce 40% damage of Holy types for one turn 49% y1G/LXIGmuLIGPYiuCrhKQ==
Ares Flame Disappointed with the World(Lv 1): 200% additional attack if enemy is Electric type 5% 1oLBfPcJPkW9krJe/h6Yvw==
Achilles Holy Adamant Will(Lv 1): Reduce 50% of damage from Darkness type for two turns 45% TUEkk17jA3WoK1jgEjpfgw==
Akechi Electric Traitor's Excuse(Lv 1): Reduce 40% of damage from Frozen types for one turn 42% 9VozRUHr73y+o/6gDcXWcA==
Himiko Holy Call of the Moon(Lv 1): Recover 130% HP 34% dfKgXRZLMShVNo+xsa2aOA==
Christmas Lasti Holy Master of Tree Decoration(Lv 1): 220% additional attack 40%


Wily Joker Dark N/A N/A 0muhKEZ0w2jUhX/76IhXsA==
Cool Joker Frozen N/A N/A YyH7vQXDaQf2SJTSwQhAow==
Sandalphon Holy Party of Two(Lv 1): Recovers 210% HP 33% jv/DE3jifHayYRt9pzIREA==
Enoch Electric Early Adopter(Lv 1): 220% additonal attack 31% 2gzS5EManYT+tCsHkDIuHQ==
Rudolph Jelly Holy Yum Yum(Lv 1): Recover 100% HP N/A i0qmSQd0PTvPn5bdhfD5/A==
Grant Frozen System Principle(Lv 1): 200% addtional attack 30% xYOLQG7PAH9IZbA7iuDB1A==
Lestat Holy Sisterly Love Equates to World Peace(Lv 1): 200% addtional attack 26% MGorUiGAdFyYzmeanAc83fA==
Javert Dark Wordless(Lv 1): 230% additional attack if enemy is Holy type 40% NnQhzICcFpZfaibH7NpQHw==
Nightingale Flame Angel of Light(Lv 1): Recover 140% HP 27% ZmiLp7fW8gel/b0E8G1MHg==
Misil Electric The Rise of the Turkey(Lv 1): Recover 160% HP 26% hk1v0G2zEvJ6i8APbUWHSQ==
Gyeback Normal Desperate Retaliation(Lv 1): Gain more attack as HP decreases 43% 3xnZJ3+v9UUWfqEKSk3XNg==
Machiavelli Flame Lessons of the 'The Prince'(Lv 1): 140% additional attack 45% FmG4kV23OW3p6mt2XN+3QA==


Sidian Type Skill Info Probability Referral Code
Christmas Marie Normal Healing Cake(Lv 1): Recover 220% HP 38% 64p2Otn10KBL9jvXnRfIZg==


Three Pomengranates(Lv 1): 350% addtional attack 30% QI9ofK8Dmo4TgTazB61f7w==
Aspasia Normal Naughty to the Bone(Lv 1): 280% additional attack 28%


Summer Valkyrie Frozen Do Not Disturb!(Lv 1): 300% additional attack if enemy is Dark type 60% jToqKSIfsMN+ZE6A3eYKQw==
Darius Flame Immensely Regretful(Lv 1): 200% additional attack 12% K6/F8ekH1lKN/xQ+RQml3A==
Sekhmet Dark An Unrejectable Offer(Lv 1): Recover 100% HP 30% ckx2RzmjtUG/mz7Zu0cqeA==
Rete Electric Dominator of the Network(Lv 1): Reduce 50% of damage from any type for two turns 40% sJ6nnqBMkndhP6GJ8NZG4g==
Bismarck Dark Shadow of Iron and Blood(Lv 1): Additonal damage of 100% of AK of the servant N/A vbyuMmOks8IDAUqmYN9gCg==
Diaochan Normal Master of Hard to Get(Lv 1): Recover 100% HP 37% NAmOPNJrkKmo6Fbs9uKM+A==
Michelangelo Electric Genesis(Lv 1): Occasional 260% additional attack on first turn 31% Sgx4O0j1VLmRqd9qjCf24w==
Moriarty Electric 404 Not Found(Lv 1): Reduce 50% of damage from Frozen types for one turn 40% HLFHw04C/v+6Fu8eDpOjnw==
Veronica Dark A Dark Smile(Lv 1): 100% additional attack 18% kHRZ+Q/gyiQzrodpeJBOIg==
Medicia Flame Bottomless Bank Account(Lv 1): 140% additional attack 29% 5oeqOIS+zyTmMXUvg90IzA==

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