The current internal affairs in Happy♪Tanuki :

Circle Family's Daily Life Activity : (Update at 12/26/2015)

  • Raii : Tanuki Family's "Sister", a CatGirl, Master ownership under Hiyuki, extremely high affection towards Xinhkute. Ultimately, loves cats and hugs. Sibling relation with L, no one knows if their relation will actually be solid. Usually Bored or Lonely.
  • Memeesi : Tanuki Family's Cat, Loves to be stroked, have high affection by all family members.
  • Griis : Tanuki Family's "Sister", Xinhkute believes she is Tsundere, calls Xinhkute as Boss.
  • Hiyuki : Tanuki Family's "Dad", Kuudere Personality. Too chatty, time to time spend too many notifications to members. Whenever Hiyuki starts a topic, most Tanuki Family's members are used to it and half of the time ignores it but it doesn't stop Hiyuki from chatting. Uses giggle sticker everyday. HIyuki claims to live in Imperial Crimson Palace whenever someone asks the location of living, no one takes it seroius.
  • Xinhkute : Tanuki Family's "Mom", too busy to be online but manage to. Parent to all of us loves to hug.
  • Cocolores: One of Tanuki Family's "Siblings", a quiet wolf child, rarely see him chat.
  • Alex (Chatroom name): New member of Tanuki, not a lot of info.
  • Jessie(Chatroom name): New member of Tanuki, not a lot of info.
  • Other members: Spirited away, but one day returned for short conversation.

Random/Daily Guest(s):

  • L : Used to be named as M, but openly admitted to love Lolicon  and being pervert to everyone, thus was called L by Hiyuki. Hiyuki still calls him, L to this day. Love verbal abuse, usually gets into arguement / trolls with Hiyuki, scold for any 18+ content whenever he suddenly feels like it,and loves sadists. Can be insensitive to Tanuki's "Sisters".

There's seems to be more females in chatroom, but they're all taken by their boyfriends

There're appears to be more females in Circle, however, all been taken by their ideal boyfriends. Everyone except guests, are not bothered to join any other chatrooms because one chatroom is more than enough for all core members.

Above all, all family members loves Cats.

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