Referral Codes for a few cards I got near the end of the year, not sure if/when they'll be avalible again so.. (let me know if the codes don't work)

REMEMBER: You can only use ONE referral code. After that, the option button will disappear, so choose wisely.

Updated: 1/16/16 

Added card titles (i.e: (card name) (card type) (card title: event/exceptional/mileage event/etc))

Christmas Morgan - S. RARE - Christmas Gatcha event


Christmas Houdini - S. RARE - Christmas Gatcha event


Enoch - RARE+ - Season 35 Exceptional


Asmodeus - RARE+ - Season 34 Exceptional


School Elizabeth - RARE+ - Season 34 Exceptional


Casper - RARE+ - Season 37 Exceptional


^ For this one, I'm not sure if there are lowercase L's, or uppercase I's. If the code I've written doesn't work (which has the former), try the latter.

Einstein - S RARE - Mileage event


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