List of my Most Wanted Sidians 

I made this list as of October 18, 2015. This is for personal use, but if anyone is here reading this, I made this as more of a checklist for myself. c:

Picture Name Rarity Acquisition Status
School Moriarty
School Moriarty
Aida icon
N/A Edison Not Aquired
Houdini icon

Hildegard icon
N/A Lady Cthul Not Acquired
Maxwell icon
Maxwell Not Acquired
Nostradamus icon
Nostradamus Not Acquired
Yu Ji icon
Yu Ji Not Acquired
Da Vinci icon
Da Vinci Not Acquired
Francia icon
Francia Not Acquired
N/A Karen Not Acquired
Newton icon
Grace icon
Grace Not Acquired
Genghis Khan icon
Genghis Khan Not Acquired
N/A Theseus Not Acquired

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