Collection of Referral Codes

This is my personal collection of  referral codes and a few from around the wiki. I know that there's a few blogs on the wiki dedicated to referral codes so make sure to check those out too! :D

Other Referral Code Blogs

How to Use Referral Codes

Located under "Settings", there is an option to enter a referral code. Select whichever code you want. (NOTE: You can only use ONE code per account! So pick which one you like best!) After picking your code, enter it EXACTLY how it is shown, even the == in the end. If you enter it correctly, you should see the card you selected. Happy gaming! :D

Super Rare Sidians (★)

Bismarck icon
Bismarck Referral Code: /GzTSmuCdZVDDEWJQj5ehA==
Cooke icon
Cooke Referral Code: ljLBXOcQj6e5aEqUHsPb2A==
Darius icon
Darius Referral Code: O0H+p60Y0SLocZzup/ULPg==
Felipe icon
Felipe Referral Code: ec1CPXhdoHECpcaoYswwQw==
Francesca icon
Francesca Referral Code: 9Ns/tN0oA8GAajz6bKmSfg==
Halley icon
Halley Referral Code: GZjouiA44soknbkBplLiMw==
Halloween Turing icon
Halloween Turing Referral Code: TBCseTBiPC94LT64Q68o+Q==
Harvest Mephisto icon
Harvest Mephisto Referral Code: efwi3EWuxJlfY/F5i2R/OA==
Irene icon
Irene Referral Code: dTHHu94lrMSMn45cCnNARw==
Kaguya icon
Kaguya Referral Code:


Khara icon
Khara Referral Code: dGa9jDn+RksRZET5c36FWA==
Mephisto icon
Mephisto Referral Code: 2jIAj4Flqa64UWfBImf+t==
N/A Miesiac Referral Code:


Morgan icon
Morgan Referral Code: fKK7ryhr4JmiB40UBy+0EA==
N/A Mokosh Referral Code: 7bTzidU8QlmmU8FrClpFjA==
Newton icon
Newton Referral Code: Ffl0JvAf2lzO9xN1uK1qTg==
Odina icon
Odina Referral Code: aFfY0zg877jbMKnXhF3M+A==
Oyuki icon
Oyuki Referral Code: mGe0sSohOY4Q6WAmZRky9A==
N/A Paracelsus Referral Code: lck5AblBTw9lvFEwAxa6mg==
Summer Da Vinci icon
Summer Da Vinci Referral Code: jfWFb61r8oXGahTFTMZTCg==
Summer Medicia icon
Summer Medicia Referral Code: EJiSvDDQzSnx2Udm6xiWA==
Summer Rete icon
Summer Rete

Referral Code: DvGVcN8w+HjoUolSNfKKgg==

Sun Shangxiang icon
Sun Shangxiang Referral Code: GcdbcXF38+eoj4hlA4APPw==
Turing icon
Turing Referral Code: krP2wYkhfGvXIkjP/bKW2Q==
Yukata Valkyrie icon
Yukata Valkyrie Referral Code: