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  • MrtrsV

    My Starter Guide !

    December 19, 2015 by MrtrsV

    [! Link de la guia en español

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  • MrtrsV

    To everyone that are begining or you're already playing Sid Story and dindt know about referral codes, well i have some answers and some codes The Referral code give you all 1 card at your choice (you have to choice wich one and put the code), this is for helping you increase your collection or help you with leveling and fighting more easy

    As someone said, i recomended you use S.R instead of Rare+, due to:

    S.Rare needs / 4 more to reach mx lvl (fusion 4/4 = lvl 100 ), while,

    Rare+ needs / 8 more to reach mx lvl ( fusion 8/8= lvl 90 )

    but you're all free to choice at your own will, feel free to use which one you like more.

    The big diference is the cuantity of luck and skill to pull some cards that will help you to lvl up your card. In case of ch…

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