these are simple steps to get the sidian at mileage events at 100 000 point rank! 

since mileage is around 3-4 days once per month (usually at the last week unless it is themed such as the valentines mileage near valentines), we should spread the amount of points out for the 3 days. if you would like you can do it in less days, although it will cost more potions

preparation:save all the mp and ap (green and purple bars) potions that you get from login bonus, exploration rewards, and lesson rewards. do not use them unless it is mileage or special lesson events. this way you will be able to collect more than enough for the event.

during the event: since it is 3-4 days, each day get a minimum 33 000 points, one day with 34 000 points, best to get the 34k on the first day because on the last few days you can relax more and it is not as stressful. if you can do more than that amount each day that is also good but this amount is the minimum. you can get the points at the same time as circle points by defeating the irregulars and exeptionals in the exploration (exeptionals give less points so during mileage you may want to defeat less unless you are trying to get the sidian). once you have defeated all the sidians in the exploration, go into lessons and defeat those. it is better to do the specials because they provide sidians with the 2x circle points. do not do production class because only exeptionals appear and not many of them. if you have extra mp or ap use that too. if you do not have many potions, they it is best to log in more than once in a day. i myself log in for a little before classes, little after school, and before sleeping. that way you can get in and have more full free charge of mp and ap. it is also very good to have active friends who share exeptionals during mileage because you can attack those to also get more points. defeating the irregulars does not affect the amount of points you recieve unless you barely had any hit on it so it is ok if you do not kill it and it disappears from the feed. killing really weak irregulars does not give you the same amount of points as one with more levels. for example if you kill a level 2 kerot in the first few magic lessons, you may only get 20 points, but not killing a level 69 sanzang from exploration will give much more, around 200 (it does not matter which place you find the sidian how much points you will get. i just use exploration irregulars because they tend to be more high level and give more). 

tips: once you recieve the sidian at 100 000 points, if there is any days extra, no need to spend any more potions. you can just use the free charge of mp and ap to get small points. the ranking does not give you rewards when the mileage is finished.

this is my strategy for how i get the rewards. i hope this is of any use to whoever reads this. if anyone has any suggestions for faster and easier ways that require less spending potions, do tell me ok? thanks for your time reading this!!

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