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    Referral Codes

    October 8, 2015 by Sentinential

    If you need card to max fusion or simply find the card you want to have/add to your card library then look into my referral codes list and maybe you can find the thing you want :) Have a good day :)

    Ooh... and i will keep this up to date at my best :)

    • You can get this Rare+ Ares card with referral code: IUvyLxLBZqPzCpNO0qLjGA==
    • You can get this Rare+ Pasteur card with referral code: T9N/F5HhHl9pWTiIw+W5PA==
    • You can get this Rare+ Johannes card with referral code: BWAyYoel55jUHwZq1DG6pw==
    • You can get this Rare+ Kant card with referral code: 1vSfI49XnkwDu1ljoSgVGQ==
    • You can get this Rare+ Machiavelli card with referral code: syBXfEXCRDe0EQGpclio3Q==
    • You can get this Rare+ Sancho card with referral code: ITE5g0jdOnSPGnKZTc1GgA==
    • You can get this Rare+ Nost…

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