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    • Best way of course would be to sell all your S.Rare (★★★★★) for 5x and Rare+ (★★★★) for 2x per card. But, if you are like me, I like to keep my cards as this is a collecting card game ;)
    • What you could do though, is to keep your S.Rare cards as they might come in handy every week for a ATK bonus and keep 1 copy of your Rare+ for collection purpose.
    • It is good to note that your 2x HP Sidians are worth 10x each! If you don't mind parting with them, you could always sell them when the bonus ends.

    • DON'T sell your ★, ★★ and ★★★ Sidians for Time-Space Powder as for the amount of Sidians needed you get only 1x. Instead, charge them at the Altar until you reach 300% and summon a S.Rare (★★★★★) card and THEN, sell that S.Rare for 5x!
      • Here's why : a Rare+ (★★★★) card will cost you 50 S…

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