Fire Von Braun
3... 2... 1... Go!


Von Braun
Type : FireFlame
Rarity : Rare+
Sidian No. : 302
Min/Max AK : 648 / 16,218
Min/Max HP : 520 / 13,002
Skill : Countdown
Lv. 1
Additional Damage of 100% of Servant's AK
Lv. 2
Additional Damage of 200% of Servant's AK
Lv. 3
Additional Damage of 300% of Servant's AK
Lv. 4
Lv. 5
Trigger : 13%

Character Info

Genius rocket Engineer. She has the hottest character like burning blaze and designed the most powerful rocket on the earth, Saturn V. Her long-cherished desire is to send human to the moon.

Illust = sila

How to Acquire

  • Ticket Summon
  • Altar Summon
  • Forest
  • Obtain her as Clear reward by completing Von Braun's Special lesson, 3rd Grade: Space Exploration.
Event Period: (2015/5/29 (Fri) 06:00 ~ 5/31 (Sun) 23:59 UTC)

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